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Confessions of a bad maid

Jul 22 2013

In general, I’m a really organized person. I love event planning, schedules, calendars, and the like. So, you’d think that with all of this, I’d have a clean and organized house. Wrong. We don’t live in a pig sty and you won’t find our house on Hoarders, but with two preschoolers in the house, you can imagine the places we find things around here. There’s always a stray art supply hanging out somewhere or a fire truck or ambulance parked in obscure places. Like most normal people in the world, our home is not Pinterest perfect. In fact, I often feel anxious because things are so cluttered around here. And since I love a good plan and schedule, I finally created a cleaning schedule. For some reason, unless it’s all written out right in front of my face, I am so overwhelmed by the daunting task of regularly keeping my entire house clean and I end up doing nothing at all.

I hesitated as I posted this on Facebook the other week…

FB status


I hesitated because it’s probably not normal to have assigned chores each day when you’re thirty years old. When you’re 10? Sure. But y’all have to understand. It won’t happen if I don’t put it in writing in front of my face. I NEED to be told what to do and when to do it when it comes to scrubbing bathtubs and mopping floors. And then, apparently that status piqued some interest. So, at the request of a few friends, I present to you…

My cleaning schedule.

Daily and weekly cleaning schedule

Daily and weekly cleaning schedule (in a pdf, if you want to print in a regular size)

A little explanation now. We tend to have more lights than darks, so it gets listed on two days. I posted a schedule almost just like this one awhile back, but schedules change with different seasons of life, so the cleaning schedule gets adjusted too. So, even though Thursday seems like a random day off, there’s purpose behind it. I wanted to have the weekend off from most everything (and I definitely wanted Sundays off), so I worked it to show that. I do all of the ironing at once. Too many times we’ve woken up late or needed something from the closet immediately and it looked like it had been sitting balled up in the corner of the room for the past month. Now I iron when it comes out of the wash. Call me strange. It’s okay. :)


I think that’s it! How do you tackle your cleaning? Got any tips??

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  1. Kristen E July 22, 2013

    So fun that momconformist is back! I don’t have any amazing systems cuz I put off cleaning like a professional slacker. My best trick is to invite people over because that is my biggest motivator to clean! Peer pressure doesn’t end in high school, y’all.

  2. Anna July 22, 2013

    You are not the only one girl. I don’t even have kids yet (unless you count the 20 or so in the youth group, but you’ve got those too) and I sure don’t keep my house very clean. Part of the problem is we have a big old house and there is just so much area to get dirty or cluttered! I saw your post on facebook and didn’t comment but did think to myself “designated chores on designated days, what a great idea!” I’m going to attempt it. Trent is at a youth camp this week and I’m going to spend my lonely time cleaning one room per evening and then doing my best to get on a regular cleaning schedule. We shall see. I MUST do something about it.

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